Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Enter the Shooting Stick

I don't have much time to post stuff so this one will be short. Many of you may be familiar with this kind of shooting stick:

But have you ever seen one of these?
This is a form of walking stick used as a portable seat. Here is an example of someone sitting in one.
Update: I forgot to add that this was normally used to watch sports, it is also an older concept.  I am not sure if this was invented before the turn of the century but I have seen a few vintage ones.


  1. Lol thats ridiculous, I'd like to see someonewalking around one day then all of a sudden they whip out a seat xD

  2. That's pretty awesome. Looks like the seat can double as a tool for treppination.

  3. might be good for fishing too just walking to the best spot with the stick then take out the other stick and use your fishin stick.

  4. Holy crap I need to get me one of those!
    It's like... a thing that helps you walk... and sit down.
    What an age we live in.

  5. that's incredebly awesome! i would love to have one of those xD

    thanks for sharing ill be back for more cool innovations!